In medical applications, the engineering and official certification requirements are so demanding that choosing the right partner is crucial. Reliability and solution efficiency make a huge difference. The power supply cannot fail; it must work. To achieve this goal, battery experience alone is not sufficient. It requires global expertise in battery, hardware and regulations.

Medical Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Embedded smart electronics to feed host application with crucial operative information
Designed to resist time and clinical environement
Engineered to fulfill highly demanding and constraining medical class equipment
10+ years track record in ventillator applications

    How does it work ?

    Energy supply is essential to ensure medical devices’ operational reliability.

    The medical industry’s expectation is above traditional industry or even the defence industry. Common use cases are related to device portability and the capability to operate in power outage conditions. Reliable battery solutions are the critical components needed to meet these requirements.

    Embedded intelligence in the battery pack helps applications to predict system availability and reduce the risks of power outages while optimizing energy allocations. Medical certification processes are long and complicated. Leclanché has a strong track record of designing, homologating and delivering products to medical projects.

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