We offer environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for power generation in remote regions and islands where our Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS) reduces dependence on fossil fuel, maximizes the use of renewable energy and reduces overall energy costs.

Microgrid Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Reduce dependence on costly fossil fuel and exposure to price volatility
Increase grid stability and resilience with the assistance of intelligent software
Reduce overall generation and O&M costs
Reduce air and noise emissions and carbon footprint
Address challenging energy demands in remote areas and island locations

    How does it work?

    Microgrids require a smart, flexible Energy Management System (EMS) which integrates battery storage solutions and multiple renewable energy sources such as wind and solar with conventional generation, while at the same time preserving grid stability. A Leclanché turnkey Electrical Energy Storage System (EESS) is ideally suited for different scales of microgrid applications, from small to large scale.

    Customer applications include diesel displacement, renewable energy integration and grid independence.

    Leclanché completed a 7.4 MW / 3.2 MWh microgrid project on Graciosa Island in the Azores which enables the utility to produce more than 60% of its total energy from renewable resources, including both wind and solar.

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