Our solutions

The Company operates through three standalone business units: eTransport Solutions, focused on the electrification of trains, fleet vehicles and marine vessels; Stationary Solutions, focused on the integration of renewable energy in the electric grid and green power plants;

and Specialty Battery Systems, which designs and manufactures specialised, custom-made low voltage battery systems.

They are supported by a lean and efficient corporate central team.

Leclanché Stationary Solutions business group provides substantial benefits to grid operators, utilities and corporate and commercial energy users.

Leclanché’s e-Transport Solutions team powers the electrification of transport (trains, vessels, trucks and more) through efficient, proven and reliable energy storage solutions.

This group creates custom low-voltage battery systems for a wide range of demanding applications.

Stationary Solutions
  • Project Analysis & Asset Planning
    • FEED
    • System modeling
    • Return on investment business model
    • Power services selection
  • EPC and SPV
    • Contracting
    • Engineering
    • Permitting
    • Procurement & supply
    • Site works & installation
    • System compliance & certification
  • System Control and Operation
    • Multi-application energy management system (EMS) capabilities
    • Channel & BOP control
    • Select most economical operation based on market & system condition
  • System Optimization
    • Maximizing revenue, life & ROI
    • Predicting system degradation & replenishment
    • Monitoring at Network Operations Control
    • After sales service
E-transport solutions
  • Fleet Planning
    • Dynamic route simulation
    • System planning
    • Optimized fleet operations design
  • Engineering & Integration
    • Scalable lithium-ion battery packs with thermal management
    • Infrastructure such as chargers and connectivity
    • Fully integrated electric drive trains
    • Homologation & certification
  • Leasing and Financing Services
    • Providing innovative capitalization models to our customers to allow for smoother project financing opportunities
  • Fleet Management
    • Remote monitoring of aII system components via a cloud service
Specialty battery system