Renewable + Storage

In cooperation with our partners, we provide complete turnkey Renewable + Storage solutions. These solutions feature Leclanché custom-engineering Electricity Energy Storage Systems (EESS) alongside best-in-class renewable energy generation assets. Our integrated solutions reduce energy costs while providing clean and reliable electricity to our customers.

Renewable + Storage Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Provide integrated renewable energy with predictable power levels
Reduce the effects on the grid of constantly fluctuating solar generation
Enable the beneficial use of solar energy into evening peak hours
Smartly operate solar generation as a base load power resource

    How does it work?

    Leclanché Renewable + Storage systems allow customers to confidently incorporate renewable generation into their energy resources and integrate them directly using Leclanché’s smart EMS software. These scalable solutions enable the customers to increase their renewable share without the typical concerns over intermittent solar ramp rates, evening peak load demands and load / supply balancing. Leclanché works hand-in-hand with its customers in order to economically optimize their Renewable + Storage System. Customer applications include renewable production smoothing and firming, ramp rate control and market imbalance management.

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